Hyundai's range of SUVs are built for durability, performance and comfort.


Perfect for urban explorers, every small car in our range is fun, zippy and full of personality.


High-performance sports vehicles engineered to deliver maximum driving pleasure.


Hyundai mid-size cars provide the ultimate driving experience, whether you’re city-bound or cruising the countryside.

People Movers and Commercial

From the 8-seat STARIA to ferry the kids around in, to the Staria-Load to carry a pallet’s worth of cargo, our range is ready to tackle all your big, little and in-between jobs.


From the 8-seat STARIA to ferry the kids around in, to the Staria-Load to carry a pallet’s worth of cargo, our range is ready to tackle all your big, little and in-between jobs.

Never just drive.

Do more than drive. Enjoy every second of it. The IONIQ 5 N takes the exhilaration of high-performance driving and electrifies it – delivering epic cornering abilities and everyday sports car drivability in our first ever EV performance vehicle.

Racetrack capability | Corner rascal | Everyday sports car

The three pillars of N.

Racetrack capability.

Racetrack capability.

Feel the electric energy surging as you steer through curves with rally-inspired AWD cornering. Dominate every turn in the track with N Drift Optimiser’s intelligent drift assistance, tailor N Torque Distribution for precise control, and enjoy the hyper-responsive N Pedal – enhancing cornering agility and delivering a more advanced driving experience.

Ioniq 5

Corner rascal.

For complete peace of mind, the IONIQ 5’s high voltage lithium-ion battery is backed by an 8-year/160,000km replacement warranty (whichever occurs first).

Ioniq 5

Everyday sports car.

Embrace the adrenaline every time you get behind the wheel. IONIQ 5 N is fitted with responsive features to deliver an electrifying sports car experience. Engage with a symphony of high-performance audio from N Active Sound + ’s immersive driving noises, while N e-shift connects you to the car like never before with tactile virtual gearshifts.

Ioniq 5

EV performance inspired by motorsport DNA.

Feel the electric power course through your veins, whether you’re on the ro


478 kW (Boost)

0-100 km/h:

3.4 sec (Boost)

Top Speed:

260 km/h[S1]

IONIQ 5 N features

N Torque Distribution.

Experience precise control like never before. Adjust and select torque distribution to tailor power delivery to the front and rear wheels for customised balance and agility.

Ioniq 5

N Drift Optimiser.

Master the drift around the track with advanced technology that remaps traction control for greater sliding ability – and even more fun. Feel the rush as the integrated Torque Kick Drift function delivers instant drift initiation by simulating the clutch kick action of rear-wheel-driven vehicles.

Ioniq 5

N Grin Boost.

Ignite the track with N Grin Boost, unleashing a heart-pounding 10-second surge of power. Activate the button on the steering wheel for an adrenaline rush as you boost to an impressive 478kW.

Ioniq 5

N Launch Control.

Put your foot down on track for rapid take off and lightning fast acceleration. N Launch Control allows you to adjust grip levels based on road conditions and optimise your start response time with pre-torque.

Ioniq 5

N Battery Preconditioning.

Maximise performance and pre-set the battery temperature to ‘Drag’ mode for peak power and acceleration, or ‘Track’ mode for optimised performance and endurance.

Ioniq 5

N e-shift.

Experience an intuitive driving feeling you wouldn’t have imagined possible in an EV. N e-shift replicates the sensations of a sports car with an 8-speed N DCT through motor and torque control, plus interactive virtual gear shifting.

Ioniq 5


With 478kW of power (with N Grin Boost engaged), delivered by an advanced dual motor system, the IONIQ 5 N is the most powerful N ever made.

166kW / 350Nm (front).
282kW / 390Nm (rear)[S1].

N Grin Boost.
175kW / 370Nm (front).
303kW / 400Nm (rear)[S1].

Paddle shifters.
N e-shift and regenerative control.

21” Forged Aluminium wheels
Pirelli P-Zero HN 275/35R21 tyres.

Electronic Control Suspension.
With continuously variable damping.

N Light Seats.
Sports style bucket seats.

84kWh Battery with preconditioning.

High performance brakes.
400mm front rotors.
360mm rear rotors.

Connected services[P3]. Bluelink™ & Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates.

Ultra-rapid charging.
10% – 80% in 18 minutes .[C1]

Electronic Limited Slip Differential on rear axle.

Hyundai SmartSense™[S2].

Designed to perform.

Welcome the new era of N. Powerful, edgy, exhilarating. Every design detail, from the N grille and spoiler to the driver-focused interior, electrifies your ride.

IONIQ 5 N design.


Every contour and detail of the IONIQ 5 N exudes presence and style. Signature N design components command attention, from dynamic cooling vents and precision-crafted aero guides in the grille to the arched rear spoiler and meticulously sculpted bumper.

Ioniq 5

21” forged wheels.

Carve through every twist and turn on 21” forged lightweight wheels. The increased tyre size boosts grip for superior handling, agility and responsiveness.

Ioniq 5

N steering wheel.

Forge an unbreakable connection to the road, enabled by the redesigned N steering wheel. The intuitive N Grin Boost and N Mode buttons are right at your fingertips to boost your power and effortlessly enhance your driving performance at every turn.

Ioniq 5

N light seats.

Get into the driver’s seat and feel the excitement. The lightweight, lowered sports bucket seats deliver a racing-inspired experience with comfort, complemented by the sliding armrest and integrated knee pad for ergonomic sports driving.

Ioniq 5